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Key Daily & Intraday Trading Systems™ v5 (For TS & NS) $395

The Power Walk Forward Optimizer v3 (PWFO+WFINP) $595

The Walk Forward Performance Explorer (WFPE) (TS) $395

The Walk Forward Performance Metric Explorer (WFPME) (TS) $395

The Walk Forward Surface Explorer (WFSE) (TS) $395

The PWFO+WFINP and WFPE Bundle (TS) $895

The PWFO+WFINP and WFPME Bundle (TS) $895

The PWFO+WFINP and WFSE Bundle (TS) $895

The PWFO+WFINP+WFPE+WFSE Bundle (TS) $1195


The End Point Fast Fourier Transform (EPFFT) System v3 (TS) $395

The Adaptive N Cycle Goertzel DFT System (TS)$395

The nth Order Fading Memory Adaptive Polynomial System v3 (TS) $395

The nth Order Fixed Memory Adaptive Polynomial Systems v3 (For TS & NS)) $395

The Five Parameter Parabolic Noise Filter (Parabxot) (TS) $295

Upgrade PWFOv2 to PWFOv3$395
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Upgrades:   E-Mail Delivery Only
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Meyers Analytics, L.L.C. grants to you the non-exclusive license to use one copy of the User's Manual, software program and code (the "Product") on any or all of your computers with the following exception: The Product cannot be installed on any computer where such Product or any form of output from the Product can be used by non-licensed users or used by non-licensed users through a network or by other non-licensed remote users through a location such as a computer bulletin board or Internet site. A non-licensed user is any person who has not purchased this Product.

No part of the Product, reproduction of the Product, any form of output from the Product or performance of the systems of the Product can be publicly posted in any printed or electronic media, computer bulletin board, Internet site, or Internet newsgroup without express written permission from Meyers Analytics, L.L.C.. No reproduction, printed, electronic or otherwise of the User's Manual, software programs and code is allowed, except for the single use by the licensed user. This agreement and the license granted may not be transferred, assigned, leased, rented, subleased, or otherwise transferred by you.

2. Disclaimer. Meyers Analytics, L.L.C. in no way guarantees that any technique or system presented in this User's Manual and code or enclosed DLL files will produce profits in actual trading. Past performance based upon hypothetical testing or trading is no guarantee of future results. Use of this Product for trading or investments of any kind is done solely at the user's risk.

3. No refunds. You acknowledge and agree that since all systems and Easy Language code are fully disclosed no refunds will be issued for any product purchases.

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